Padraic Deasy achieved Fellowship distinction in Professional Portrait Photography with the IPPA. This is the highest accolade achievable within the profession and he is the only Irish portrait photographer that is a member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association with this Qualification (FIPPA).

The Portrait Photography images below are the portrait’s that were in his photography portfolio that was submitted.


Here is a link to this months cover image on Professional Photographer America Magazine which we are delighted to be the featured photography studio


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Padraic Deasy has been named as The Irish Professional Photographer of the Year.  The awards were held on Sunday night at a black tie gala ball at the Burlington Hotel and are dubbed as ‘the Oscar’s’ of the professional Irish photography world recognising excellence, creativity and innovation through the medium of photography.

Last year Padraic won several awards for his work including the prestigious title of European Portrait Photographer of the Year, this new accolade sees Padraic being declared the best photographer in the country across all category types, not just portrait photography. 2,000 pieces of work were submitted to the judging panel of The Irish Professional Photographers Association, but it was the striking and evocative work by Padraic which caught their attention.

Padraic was judged over various submissions he made over the last twelve months and featured a very comprehensive body of work.  Four stunning black and white portraits of four old people, shot by themselves in a classic, fine-art photography style were finally selected.  The subjects characters and personalities were captured beautifully in the photographs.

Padraic was not available to attend the awards in person as he and his wife Sonia were in Cabo, Mexico where they were guest speakers at a conference held by The Society of XXV, a group which represents the top twenty five portrait photographers in the world.  Membership to this elite group of photographers is by election only and to be asked not only to join this prestigious society but to present to them is a major achievement and a great honour.

Padraic accepted the award from IPPA President Garreth Byrne via a live Skype video conference. The winning images can be seen below.


We’re delighted to announce that Padraic has been awarded European Portrait Photographer of the Year by the Federation of European Photographers (FEP). The annual awards, judged in Belgium, received entries from over 7oo photographers from 20 European countries.

Below are the winning images.


a fond farewell


It is with a considerable mix of emotions that I write this. At 12 years old, I remember the first photography seminar I attended with my father which inspired me to capture my very first portrait – using my bedside lamp to mimic Rembrandt lighting, I took a less than flattering image of my little sister! A passion for portrait photography took root in me though, and I immersed myself in the art of capturing people. My father, also a photographer, encouraged me to experiment and gave me the freedom to make mistakes.

One of my proudest moments was winning European Portrait Photographer of the Year, which in turn kicked off my International speaking career. Now, after 2 generations of photographers and a business Est. 1981, the time is right for me to say an emotive farewell to the Deasy Photographic chapter of my life and embrace new opportunities. I am both excited and sad. I have huge gratitude in my heart for the many loyal clients that I captured over the years, whose openness and interaction were my greatest rewards.

To produce a beautiful and meaningful portrait requires so much more than the press of a button – my clients taught me this by sharing with me both the joy and the vulnerability of their precious moments, their families & their emotions. Photography as a career gifted me with the opportunity to be creative, to think outside the box and to interact with people every single day. I hope that my portraits are enjoyed in homes and businesses for many generations. I hope that my portraits will evoke memories and sentiment for years to come and I thank all of my clients for allowing me access to those precious moments of their lives.

We will be closing the studio at the end of July 2017 and will honor all of our in-date gift vouchers. We will endeavor to meet our existing clients’ needs but will not be taking on any new clients.

Kind Regards

Padraic Deasy


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Tel | 00 353 45 433304




Pop! That’s the sound of another selfie your buddy just uploaded on his Facebook profile. As you check it out, what catches your eye is the news feed showing an acquaintance’s family portrait. And it’s beautiful! Even though you barely know them, you can clearly see it all – the sporty son, the chirpy little daughter, the curious infant, and the keeping-it-all-together mom and dad. A happy family moment – frozen in time by an expert portrait photographer. And you wish, you had your own family portrait – hanging on your wall! But, is it the right time?

Family Portrait

Happily married and more!

Is being happily married an oxymoron? But leaving jokes aside, if you are happy as a couple and love the stage your relationship is in – a couple portrait lets you preserve your love on a frame, for years to come.

What if you have a child and aren’t sure if your family is complete or not? Does a family portrait make sense? While many parents ponder over this thought, there is absolutely no harm in celebrating any stage of your family life with a portrait. You can always get a new portrait in future if you want, but you won’t be able to go back in time and capture the current moment and phase your kids are now in. 

Does a family portrait make sense when you don’t know if your family is complete?

And, if like us, you have as many children as you want to (it is safe to say that with five lovely children, our family is complete!) – a family portrait session is a fun and exciting way to forever capture your children’s childhood, before they spread their wings and fly away!

Whether you are proud parents or doting grandparents, a lively picture of the children framed on a wall in your drawing room, is sure to bring a smile and many happy memories rushing back to you.

Like Deasy Photograhy, any good portrait studio should offer you different portrait packages to choose from. So a simple, short and inexpensive package works great for individual child portraits, but for family portraits we include a proper planning session to discuss your family’s expectations, requirements and desired results.

So what’s stopping you from getting a family portrait done?

Busy Bee

You’re so caught up with your daily schedule – work, children, family, friends, networking, that you’ve never really given it a thought. But now that it’s on your mind, don’t you think you should set aside time and book a family portrait session at a studio sometime soon? All you need to do is pick up the phone or drop a mail. For instance, we at Deasy Photographic are all ears for our clients – and even an enquiry via our Facebook page will ensure that you hear from us. So get on it now! After all, you’ll be busy for another 30 years, but at least you’ll have something beautiful to look and smile at – each busy day.

Family Portrait Photography

Split Peas

Every time you look at anyone’s family portrait, you wish your entire family was nearby so you could get yours done. But some of your kids are away for college or work. And when they are in town, neither a family portrait occurs to any of you, nor is there ever enough time. So, what then? Plan ahead! Talk to your near and dear ones about when all of you are available for a half day fun filled portrait session and book a slot with your favourite portrait studio. Ta Da! You’re all set to go. 

Do you feel it is too late for a portrait & wish you could turn back time?

 But it’s too late! 

Are you thinking you’re too old for a portrait? If only it had occurred to you some years back! Now relax, it’s the age of digital photography and Photoshop. The best portrait photographers will not only guide you about how to pose and look your best, but also take their post production editing seriously. At Deasy Photographic, we spend time with you before the photo session to understand your worries and requests. So there’s nothing to worry about really, blemishes, crow’s feet or a pot belly, all can be taken care of!


Lazy bones! 

The thought of a family portrait is attractive, but isn’t going about the entire process of finding a good photographer and arranging the photo shoot cumbersome? At Deasy Photography, we understand this – so you can browse our different portfolios online and easily access real reviews on our social media pages. Everything’s literally on your fingertips, just use your smart phone smartly and arrange a discussion with your favourite portrait photographer. Whatever else you do, once you’ve selected the photographer, it’s a must to invest a little time to plan the session with him or her, so you get the best results.

In short, if you’ve been thinking about it – your family portrait is definitely long overdue! So let go of your laziness, awkwardness, busyness or whatever else it is that’s stopping you. Because before you know – the sands of time will forever change the image that you want to capture.


National Portrait Day 5th April 2014

Deasy Photographic is delighted to be supporting the ISPCC for National Portrait Day.

For a €25 donation to the ISPCC you receive the gift of an individual portrait mini-session and a desk-size portrait with a participating member of the Irish Professional Photographers’ Association.

  • 100% of every donation will be paid directly to the ISPCC.
  • All costs for this charity event are being donated by Deasy Photographic.
  • Portrait consists of 5″x5″ (desk-size approx) photograph in presentation matt.
  • Individual portraits only and children from Age 4+ will only be taken for National Portrait Day.

This event is being held in the Deasy Photographic studio, 1 Cutlery Road, Newbridge, Co.Kildare and advance booking is required and we have very limited places available.
Phone 045 – 433304.




Portrait photographs of Baby Daithi, shot in Deasy Photographic recently.



What makes great Portrait Photography? Award Winning Portrait Photographer Padraic Deasy will give you his thoughts on a recent portrait photo he created that was published on the front cover of American Professional Photography Magazine.

I have spent years simplifying my portrait photography and defining my photographic style and the more I focus on what it is that defines a great portrait photo the more i realise that the strongest most engaging portraits are the simplest ones.

This Portrait is in a classic photography style and speaks of emotion, depth and absolute simplicity, In my photo studio Deasy Photographic we call this style of portrait photography our “Classic Style” which is always done in fine-art black and white and has become our most emotional style of portrait photography which we have become famous for.

Occasionally you might want to portray a subject gazing away into the distance or sunk deep in thought, in which case its perfectly acceptable to have your subject looking away from the camera.  Most of the time however, eye contact is essential if a portrait photo is to succeed. Good eye contact can convey a persons mood far more effectively than any smile. Its essential that the eyes are in sharp focus, even if other parts of the frame are not. When composing your images, get into the habit of focus on the eyes first.

You want your portrait photography to give the impression the subject is connecting directly with the viewer; rather than with a camera. This is where a tripod and cable release are useful, because they allow you to step away from your equipment and maintain eye contact.

About Deasy Photography Studio – Established in 1981 and now in its second generation, it is an award winning boutique portrait photography studio specializing in family pictures and baby photography. Husband and wife team Padraic and Sonia Deasy together run Deasy Photographic Ireland’s leading boutique portrait studio. They are both passionate about  portrait photography and with five small children of their own they understand the importance of recording timeless portraits for generations to come. More recently they have been awarded the titles of “European Portrait Photographers of the Year”, “Irish Photographer of the Year 2011″ members of the world renowned “Society of XXV” are the only Portrait  Photography Fellows (FIPPA) in Professional Portrait Photography In Ireland and are in demand as International photography Speakers.


Recent Portrait Shoot In Deasy Photography Studio


Heneghan Family Photo shoot captured recently in Deasy Photography Studio.